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De La Gallery

De La Gallery located on Duval Street in Key West, Florida exclusively represents the work of Jorge de la Torriente, a fine art landscape photographer.

Coast Design

COAST is, in a general sense, about life on the edge – where land meets sea and the spirit of exploration and unknowing meet the safety of the shoreline.

Rodriguez Cigar

Founded in 1984, it is the oldest operating cigar manufacturer in the Florida Keys. Rodriguez Cigars are exclusively constructed with vintage leaves that have been cured, aged and constructed through the traditional Cuban manufacturing process.

Papa's Pilar Rum

Papa’s Pilar Dark and Blonde rums are crafted to reflect Hemingway’s passions on both land and sea.

The Key West Theatre

The Key West Theater is a newly-renovated performing arts center that presents top tier music, concerts, theatrical productions, comedy & variety specials and locally produced Key West events.

Save The Children


100% of your donation benefits Save The Children. Thank you for your support.