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Costume Tips for Fantasy Fest

August 31st , 2017 | Events & Festivals
Costume Tips for Fantasy Fest

For who have attended Fantasy Fest before already know, the more the alcohol flows, the less clothes everybody seems to be wearing. So, maybe don’t get too hung up on the wardrobe. Here’s some tips for dressing right or not at all for Fantasy Fest.

This year’s Fantasy Fest theme is Time Travel Unravels, so get creative. We expect to see some  Marty McFlys and Doc Browns in the mix, but the island temps remain pretty hot in October  and both of those characters wear pants. If you’re looking to keep with a film theme, check out this list of time-travel flicks.

Another option is to forget the threads and lather on the paint. Ask anyone on the island: if you have clothes on during Fantasy Fest, you’ll stand out. So check out your options for a paint job, which run from $50-$150 depending on what you’re looking for. Some do airbrush, others hand paint their masterpieces. Paradise Tattoo on Duval Street has painted their fair share of people, as well as the renowned Joe Carter. Mike Epperhart does airbrush body art year-round at the Garden of Eden nude bar. For securing a spot at any of these venues, we recommend you schedule an appointment beforehand.

For those who are getting painted, know that the beads you collect sort of wax off the body paint, so have designated bead person in your group.

Another thing to keep mind is that everyone’s taking photos at Fantasy Fest. That means that photos of you in your birthday suit going online are a great possibility. If this is an issue we suggest you opt for a mask, which can be picked up at Fairvilla.

And, we can’t stress this enough: wear good walking shoes. You’re going to be on your feet the entire time, and flip flops may not cut it. Also, the sun still shines in Key West during October, with temps regularly in the 80s. The less clothes you wear, the more likely you are to get sunburned. Maybe don a time-traveling hat to keep the sun out of your face and hydrate accordingly!

For more tips as to what to pack for Fantasy Fest, check out or list here.


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