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Everything You Need to Do to Make Your Key West Summer Vacation Epic

Posted on: May 30th , 2021 | Activities
Everything You Need to Do to Make Your Key West Summer Vacation Epic

Key West itself is a bucket-list destination. But simply arriving isn't enough to check the island off your list. This summer, make memories in Key West, with or without the souvenirs. Here’s everything you need to make your Key West summer vacation epic.

Book your Excursions Ahead of Time

Want to make the most out of summer? Make PLANS. Any plans! Booking Key West activities and excursions in advance has a lot of advantages. It can give you something to look forward to, gain you access to early-bird deals, and help you avoid last-minute stress. Book ahead and have peace of mind that your Key West summer vacation will be exactly how you imagined. Do your homework to see what in Key West may interest you and stay up to date with everything the island has to offer at our Blog.

Eat like a Local

Follow the lead of the locals when it comes to eating and drinking your way around town. It’s one of the best ways to get a feel for a new place, try regional foods, and enhance your overall travel experience. We recommend doing a little bit of research before you go out. Check to see which places are crowded (which is always a good indication that whatever is being served is especially tasty), join a food tour to sample a broad range of local eats, or simply ask a local ‘Where would you eat dinner?’.


Try Something New

Familiarity can be a great thing. After all, we choose to return to the places and activities we love most. While wandering Duval Street, dining on the waterfront in the Historic Seaport, and taking advantage of half-price happy hours are timeless Key West activities, it’s always refreshing to shake things up. To make your Key West summer vacation truly epic, you’re going to have to get out of your comfort zone and change up your itinerary. Whether you opt for deep sea fishing, kayaking the mangroves, a trip to the Dry Tortugas, or facing a shellfish aversion with a plate of Key West pinks, exposure to unfamiliar people, food, and experiences could lead you to a new passion. You may even surprise yourself with how comfortable you are.

Don't Miss Out

Planning, traveling, and logistics are a part of any vacation. While they may be necessary steps to ensuring a stress-free time, you could end up missing out on the magic of serendipity. Vacations are a chance to get away and recharge our engines, but there comes a point where it may be beneficial to stop planning and allow new experiences to unfold. Remember to let go of control when you can, slow down, and settle into the moments while enjoying Key West. You might just discover something new.

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